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Basement Dehumidifier Reviews

Since warm air rises and cool air sinks, basements are usually cooler than other parts of the house. During summer, they often become damp from high relative humidity; a completely natural and logical process. Luckily, basement dehumidifiers can remedy the problem.

Basement dehumidifiers are usually fully-automated and should be equipped with pump systems or automatic shut-off systems.
Pump systems can discharge water upwards for continuous drainage, while automatic shut-off systems will turn-off the dehumidifier once the water tank is full. Humidity controls can be set to achieve the desired humidity level. … [ Read More ]

Because of the high relative humidity in basements, dehumidifiers with a high capacity for moisture extraction are the better choice. In areas where low temperature operations should be expected, dehumidifiers with automatic defrost systems are more appropriate.

Some users complain about the faulty pump systems of their dehumidifiers or about quickly clogged up air filters. That’s why it is important to buy from brands with proven quality. DeLonghi dehumidifiers are equipped with a patented three way drainage system. Friedrich dehumidifiers have strong pump systems that discharge water up to a distance of 15 feet.[ Minimize ]