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Baseboard Heater Reviews

It’s a well known fact that Thomas Edison was responsible for the invention of electric heating. However, the patent for baseboard heaters belongs to Charles D. Snelling which was issued back in the mid 1960’s. Before this invention large cast iron radiators were in use. These were efficient but they were not pretty to look at, and took up a lot of room. Most radiators of this type used hot water to heat them.

Baseboard heaters are different in that they have an internal element that’s electrically charged. This is passed down a resistor and turned into heat. Baseboard heaters are much smaller without compromising on power. The designs are also sleek and space saving.… [ Read More ]

Baseboard heaters are very easy to install and if you’re only looking to heat one room at any one time, they’re incredibly efficient. Technology has come a long way since the mid 1960’s and it’s possible to buy heaters like this that include both a quick heat option as well as natural convection heating.

Honeywell is one of the market leaders in this arena. Their range has many features including thermostats and energy saving technology. Cadet also come highly rated with features such as pre-punched cases for ease of installation.[ Minimize ]