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Aprilaire Humidifier Reviews

Founded in 1938, Aprilaire started its journey by committing to the design, manufacture, and distribution of products for improving indoor air quality. A mere 20 years later, it brought its first range of humidifiers to the market.

Responsible for the first flow-through evaporative humidifiers on the market, Aprilaire constantly strives to investigate the latest technologies. They are renowned for their complete home solutions and have a wide variety of humidifiers that make the air we breathe more comfortable. … [ Read More ]

The largest model is the 800, and one of the best features is it doesn’t rely on an HVAC system. This model is evaporative, and will regulate the air in a home as large as 6,000 sq ft. The smallest model is the 360, and this will regulate a space of about 3,000 sq ft. It’s self-contained and works well with both heating and cooling systems.

Aprilaire is a unique company because of its evaporation approach to humidity levels in large spaces. Their focus on comfort, health, and savings on energy which is what makes it such a popular brand. [ Less ]