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Alen Air Purifier Reviews

Founded in 2002, Alen Corporation is a leading manufacturer of high quality products that improve indoor air quality. Within just a decade, they have gained recognition and acclaim for manufacturing air quality appliances that seamlessly blend qualities like style, performance, innovative features, and above all, an affordable price.

Alen Corp offers five hybrid air purifier types that blend ionization, UV light and filtration in order to give you a healthy and ozone-free environment. With their aesthetic make, futuristic appearance and cost-effectiveness, they figure among the highest rated air purifiers in the market. … [ Read More ]

Among their most popular models of air purifiers are the A350 and the Paralda. While the A350 can clean the air of rooms up to 750 square feet, the Paralda is ecologically friendly and has an award-winning design that complements the most discerning décor too.

Alen’s Mission Statement promises to help people live better, and their commitment reflects in their Energy Star Ratings, RoHS lead free- and Ozone Safe certifications.
With quality products, affordable prices, free shipping, a 60-day guarantee and a lifetime limited warranty – the first of its kind in the industry, it’s easy to understand how they’ve come so far, so quickly. [ Minimize ]