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Rabbit Air Air Purifier Reviews

Rabbit Air’s mission to provide high quality HEPA air purifiers to their customers began in 2004. Their commitment to purity and efficiency covers just one aspect of their air purifiers. Beautiful design and excellent customer service complement the superior quality of their products.

Rabbit Air air purifiers provide coverage for rooms between 600-815 square feet and above all, produce very low noise levels. Further, the charcoal and pre-filters are washable, while the HEPA filters are coated with antiviral agents that increase their lifespan.… [ Read More ]

Some people might be deterred by the dependency on the remote control and the slightly higher cost, but when one considers the low maintenance requirements, long-lasting filter life (up to 18 months) and the overall quality of the product – it evens everything out.

Their most popular models are the MinusA2 and the BioGS. While the former offers six stages of filtration, a customizable filter and the options of wall-mounting/stand-alone fixture, the latter possesses an ultra-stylish design complemented by four stages of filtration.

One of the reasons behind their success story is that Rabbit Air handles the sales and 24/7 customer care of these air purifiers, while the actual products themselves are designed by the Japanese heavyweight Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. [ Minimize ]