Air-O-Swiss Humidifier Reviews

Air-O-Swiss is a subsidiary of Plaston Holding, which was established over 50 years ago. The brand has been available in North America since 2001, and has quickly developed an excellent reputation for developing advanced air purifiers and humidifiers.

Quality and innovation is what Air O Swiss prides itself on. They use the very latest technology and are well-known for listening to what customers have to say. Whilst the company focuses on health, it’s also aware that humidity levels in a building can affect the life-span of items within.… [ Read More ]

The ultrasonic models are their best selling humidifiers, and these are available either as cool or warm mist. The second most popular are their Air Washers, which (as the name implies) work by cleaning the air.
The first model offers a high standard of energy efficiency because it uses an ultrasonic vibration, which also means it’s very quiet. The second has a filtration system that takes in dirty air, cleans it and transfers it back.

Air O Swiss humidifiers are affordable, innovatively designed, and offer a great deal of flexibility in terms of regulating the air inside a building and keeping it clean. They are an excellent option for anyone looking for a humidifier.[ Minimize ]