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Air King 9166 Whole House Window Fan Review

Overall Rating:
4.2 out of 5 stars
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Air King 9166

The Air King 9166 20” whole house window fan is the perfect solution for removing stale air from the home and replacing it with fresh air. This model is cost effective in that it will reduce the need for the consumer to use their air conditioning. It’s powerful and durable which means it moves plenty of air and will withstand the elements.

Review Details

One of the greatest benefits of the Air King 9166 is its versatility. It has been designed to fit windows that range in size from 27 to 38” and it is also fitted with a reversible option. Durability is something you will not have to worry about with the 9166 as it features a storm guard, and has powder coated blades and front grille. For ease of use, the 9166 has extendable plastic panels for that perfect fit.

This window exhaust fan is the perfect answer when it’s not cost effective for consumers to leave their AC systems running. For homes where there is no central air system installed, this model is the perfect alternative.

What We Liked

  • Powerful yet Quiet
    For its size, the Air King 9166 is a pretty powerful unit that’s capable of 3560 CFM. It features 3 different speeds depending on your requirements.
  • Highly Durable
    Equipped with a storm guard and with powder coated steel blades and front grill the Air King 9166 will withstand all the elements.
  • Energy Efficient
    Because this exhaust window fan is powerful enough to deal with the whole house, it will negate the need to use air conditioning, which can be far more costly.
  • Versatile
    The 9166 has been designed to fit windows from 27 to 38” in width, making it one of the most versatile models on the market in terms of installation.

What We Didn't Like

  • Noise Levels
    There are 3 speeds, and on its highest setting it can be considered noisy. However due to the power of the fan itself, the higher settings are normally not required at “quiet” times of day.
  • Housing
    Although constructed largely of metal, the housing can be considered a little flimsy and not strong enough to cope with the overall power of the fan.


There are mixed reviews on the Air King 9166 and it has to be said it rates just above average on many online retail websites. It is however incredibly efficient at moving large amounts of air within the home and will keep you cool. For the most part it is incredibly durable as well. If you’re looking for a unit that will move a lot of air without all the bells and whistles, this fan is a decent buy.

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Last modified: April 21, 2013 (Prices are updated daily)
Air King 9166
Dimensions (L x W x H):
6.75 x 25.5 x 19 inches
36 lbs
Power Supply:
120 Volts, 60 Hz
170 Watt, 1.4 Amp
Noise level:
64 dB
Diameter / Blade Span:
20 Square Feet
3560 Cubic Feet per Minute
Adjustable Height:
Adjustable Tilt:
Maximum RPM:
Type of Fan:
Oscillate Mode:
Adjustable Fan Speed:
Yes, 3 speeds
Reversable Rotation:
Oscillate Option:
Antimicrobial Protection:
Energy Star Certified:
1 year

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