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Air Conditioner Reviews

With air conditioning you have the possibilty to create a comfortable home climate, even in the hottest of summers. Today, even if you don’t have a central air conditioning system installed, you have plenty of options to cool your home.

When looking to purchase an air conditioner, either a window-, wall-, split- or portable unit, you should first look at the capacity and the space you wish to cool. The cooling capacity of air conditioners is measured in BTU’s, and the higher the BTU, the larger the space it will cool. … [ Read More ]

Size is also something to think about. For smaller areas, a window fitted air conditioner will not take up valuable space. Standalone units are perfect for slightly large areas and offer versatility. Installed systems are better for whole house or commercial buildings with lots of rooms.

Two of the top manufacturers that cover all these options are LG and Frigidaire (one of the few manufacturers to offer ductless air conditioners). [ Less ]