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40 – 50 Pint Dehumidifier Reviews

40-50 pint dehumidifiers are available on the market as portable units or units that have pumps installed. Because of their capacity, they are often used in areas that are about 2000-3000 sq ft in size.

For the home, this makes them perfect in basements that become damp and musty. They’re also popular for other damp places such as boat houses and pool rooms. Because of the areas they cover, these units are often equipped with other features not found in smaller models. … [ Read More ]

You should always check what model will suit you best. You may be dealing with an area suitable for a 40-50 pint dehumidifier, but if the area is particularly wet, it is possible that a larger unit will be required.
For models that require a tank to be emptied, bear in mind it will hold up to 40 pints or more, and this can be heavy.

The SoleusAir DP1-45 is one of the most popular dehumidifiers on the market, because of its price and reliability. The DeLonghi DD50P is more expensive, but has a capacity of 50 pints and is equipped with many other features. [ Minimize ]