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18,000 BTU Air Conditioner Reviews

Air conditioners that are capable of an output of 18000 BTU or more are used for larger rooms. They are built to cool both residential and commercial buildings, but industrial buildings probably need this size of air conditioner more.

Air conditioners that have a capacity of 18000 BTU are built to reduce the temperature in rooms well in excess of 1100 sq ft. Due to the amount of power these units have to produce, they are normally wall mounted, window mounted, or installed as split air conditioners. They don’t just help keep both people and equipment cool, they keeps the air clean as well. … [ Read More ]

Friedrich is one manufacturer that produces a model that’s suitable for wall or window mounting. Lots of units in their range are also Energy Star rated. Frigidaire also produces models this powerful. Both companies have reputations second to none for reliability as well as design. [ Minimize ]